Brandon Dreyer


Brandon Dreyer began flying at the age of 15, and was teaching as a flight instructor while still in his teens.  In his aviation career, he’s flown everything from commercial jets to vintage second world war aircraft.  After completing university and serving in the Canadian military, Brandon flew throughout the Canadian arctic as a charter pilot before becoming a commercial airline pilot.  He has been an aerobatic competition pilot for six years, currently competing at the unlimited level.  This is his third year flying airshows.

Brandon flies the Extra 330SC, arguably the best competition aerobatic aircraft in the world.  The Extra 330SC is the airborne equivalent of a formula one race car; most of the airplane is made of carbon fibre, and it’s capable of flying at more than 400 kilometres per hour. The aircraft was designed for the sole purpose of winning aerobatic competitions at the unlimited level.  The Extra 330SC has a higher power to weight ratio than the McLaren F1, one of the fastest production cars ever made.

Brandon flies the only Extra 330SC in Canada.

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